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2011 Schedule


Definitions of terms concerning schedule changes
Postponed = will not be played on this date – to be made up later
Cancelled = will never be played
Delayed = will be played on that date but will start at a later time

Team listed first is the home team!

Team in Blue indicates winner of that game!

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Note 9:15 Make Game assignments below

6:15 Front
6:15 Back
7:15 Front
7:15 Back
8:15 Front
9:15 Front
7 vs 10
9 vs 1
5 vs 2
4 vs 3
6:15 Front
6:15 Back
7:15 Front
7:15 Back
8:15 Front
9:15 Front
Game A Seed 4 vs Seed 3
Game B Seed 10 vs Seed 7
Game C Seed 5 vs Seed 2
Game D Seed 9 vs Seed 8
Game E Seed 6 vs Seed 1
Game F Consolation Game Loser B vs Loser D
Game G Winner Game C vs Winner Game A
Game H Winner Game B vs Loser Game E
Game I Winner Game D vs Loser Game A
Game J Winner Game H vs Loser Game C
Game K Winner Game E vs Winner Game G
Game L Winner Game J vs Winner Game I
Game M Loser Game G vs Winner Game L
Game N Winner Game M vs Loser Game K
Game O Winner Game N vs Winner Game K
 Game P – If Needed Championship Game


The Teams and Assigned Numbers

1 Frontier Bar #1 (Lewis) 7 Inn Cognito One (Morse)
2 General Engineering 8 Frontier Bar Two (Blosser)
3 Research Products Corporation 9 Olson’s Exteriors
4 Arlington Inn 10 Poynette Ironworks
5 A.R. Wood
6 Piggly Wiggly  

League Rosters

Click here to view Team Rosters for 2011

League Standings
Head to Head Results determines Placings for Tournament


Schedule InformationThere are 10 teams in the league in 2012. We have space and time for six games per Tuesday night Every team will play 9 league games. League entry fee is $350 per team. There are no specific player fees. You will play each team one time in a single round robin format. There will be an elimination tournament at the end of the league season that will be seeded according to the league standings and will proceed with the NCAA playoff format whereby the top six seeds get two lives and the bottom four teams get just one life. Everyone is guaranteed two post season playoff games. The losers of the first two one-life games will play off in a one-game match with a trophy at stake.

League Updates

The weekly standings will be posted on this web page. Announcements will appear on this web page.

League Rules

1 – All Games will be 7 innings or one hour in length unless a team is ahead by 12 or more runs anytime after the fifth inning. Therefore there is a 12-Run rule this year.

2 – Teams can bat everyone that is at the game. If a player comes late, they may be added to the bottom of the batting order and they can go immediately into the field for defense. If a player is not there for the start of the game he must not be included on the lineup form turned in to the scorekeeper. If he is included and is not there to bat, that batting order position shall be an automatic out. If that player arrives after he has been an automatic out one or more times, he may still enter and play and bat where the manager had him listed. Managers should not include players who are not there at game time. If a player is injured or has to leave the game before it is over, that spot in the batting order is just skipped and an out is not recorded there. If a player is injured or can’t run for himself once he is on base, the batter who made the previous out may run for him.

3 – A team must have 8 players to start a game. If players come late – see rule #2. Teams must have 8 players present no later than 10 minutes following the regularly scheduled game time otherwise will be charged with a forfeit.

4 – Metal cleats are not legal

5 – No smoking on the field of play – clean dugouts out after last game of the night. Plastic bottles, cans etc. must go into the trash recepticles near or in the dugouts and bench areas. Lights will be turned off 5 minutes after the final out of the final game of the night.

6 – On the Back Diamond, a ball hit over the fence from the right field foul pole (yellow pole) to the end of the 10′ high fence shall be a ground rule double. Any ball hit over the fence elsewhere shall be a home run.

7 – The pitch must be no lower than the batter’s head. There is no rule on how high a pitch can be delivered.

8 – The pitcher’s plate shall be 50′ from the back point of home plate. Bases are 60′ apart as per ASA and USSSA Rules. Both diamonds use 60′ bases. Bring a tape measure with you if you don’t think they are at 60′. A double first base shall be used on both diamonds. A batter-runner being played on at first base should use the orange half of first base while the first baseman should use the white half of the base. On a ball that is an extra base hit the batter-runner can touch either color. If the first baseman is drawn off the base he can touch either color and a batter-runner can touch either color if the first baseman is drawn off and tries to touch the orange half. The purpose of the double first base is to create a safer game for everyone.

9 – Any pitch that strikes rubber shall be a strike. All of home plate and the strike mat is a strike. To be safe at home a runner can touch anything that is rubber (plate or mat or a combination of both). To get a force out the defensive player (catcher or any other play can touch anything rubber (plate or mat or combination of both).

10 – The ASA banned bats shall be banned in the league. The list of banned bats shall be upgraded as the season progresses. If a batter appears in the batter’s box with an banned bat and the defensive appeals it or if the umpire notices that it is a banned bat, the team shall forfeit the game.

11 – Games will start as scheduled or right after a preceding game has ended. They could start earlier than scheduled in an attempt to get finished earlier than would normally be required. Have your players there, ready to play, at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled game time. Teams must have 8 players no later than 10 minutes following the regularly scheduled game time or a forfeit will take place.

12 – Three balls constitutes a base on balls and two strikes of any kind consititutes a strikeout.

13 – A player ejected from a game shall miss the next week’s game as well. Team Leaders must control the action and behaviors of their players. Team leaders are responsible for controlling all profanity or any inappropriate behavior. The park is filled with young, impressionable young people on Tuesday nights. There is no room for inappropriate behavior and language. Team leaders/managers/captains automatically assume and agree to police their own team.

14 – For game information or rain-out information check http://www.fastpitchchronicle.com/PoynetteSP.html

15 – All teams will play each other one time in the round robin league format.

Standings – After Week #1

Frontier Bar #1 ———————————————————- 1-0
Genreral Engineering —————————————————– 1-0
Research Products Corporation —————————————— 1-0
Frontier Bar #2 ———————————————————- 1-0
Piggly Wiggly of Poynette ———————————————— 0-1
Arlington Inn ————————————————————- 0-1
Olson’s Exteriors ——————————————————— 0-1

A.R. Wood ————————————————————– 0-1